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Welcome to our blog. Here is where we post new articles, tips, and tricks about web design, SEO, marketing and all things web in general. From the best practices in website design and development to tips on what is working in SEO (and what does not). We also cover a lot of general questions that many clients have had about web design and SEO specifically. Do you have a question about web design or SEO? Please submit a question to our contact form and we will be glad to help. Your question may even deserve its very own blog post or video.


WordPress Security: Did He Really Do That?

By iws2018 | Aug 11, 2017

  WordPress Security, Website Villains, and Your Risks When it comes to Internet marketing and customer/lead generating, the common thread is always your website. Your website will be one of the biggest investments in your ongoing marketing. Yes, I said, INVESTMENT not an expense. Your website if designed by a quality digital marketing agency will…

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Expertise.com Best 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in New Orleans

By iws2018 | Apr 25, 2017

We were recently ranked in the top 20 of all digital marketing agencies in the New Orleans area by a company that monitors all manner of companies for quality. A recent article published by Expertise.com defines its research and findings of the best digital marketing companies based on a list of predefined criteria. We were pleased…

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Hiring a Local Web Designer & Developer in New Orleans & Metairie

By iws2018 | Aug 4, 2016

So, you had the idea of hiring an overseas web designer (or out of state company) to do your website. Are you sure you want to outsource such an integral part of your business’ marketing to a person/company you do not have access to? I will be the first to say that outsourcing website work…

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Your WordPress Website is Under Attack!

By iws2018 | Mar 25, 2016

  How Hackers Access Your WordPress Website Ok this is a bit of a generic statement however it is collectively true. Hackers are looking to enter your WordPress website and make a mess of things. In a recent study by the WordPress security company Wordfence, they discovered that most hacks are done in 2 ways, plugin vulnerabilities…

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Designing a Great Website.

By iws2018 | Mar 2, 2016

  Great website design is no accident. Bad websites can be a train wreck for your wallet, (like the featured image, an actual horrible website). In fact, most websites that are effective often have a common set of attributes that can be identified among many other great websites. We will discuss a few key items…

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SEO Questions – How Important is Local SEO?

By iws2018 | Jan 29, 2016

The importance of a website to any business is never over-emphasized. For local businesses, search engine optimization (SEO) goes far beyond what is located on your website, however. Local SEO is becoming more and more important with each passing algorithm update and will continue to be a relevant and time-worthy aspect to your marketing for…

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SEO Questions – Why Do I Need a New Web Design?

By iws2018 | Dec 18, 2015

We often get the question “why do I need a new web design?” when we suggest a new web design or redesigned website in our marketing proposals. The answer boils down to this: “presentation” and “conversion”. With proper presentation and user experience we can can increase conversion. Just like everything else in the world, how things are presented to…

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SEO Questions – Why Do I Need to Write Content for My Website?

By iws2018 | Dec 11, 2015

  Content is King If you are interested in SEO and interested in increasing traffic to your website you have no doubt heard this phrase over and over again. And while it feels like a cliché at this point, it is still very true and very important to the growth of your website. Contrary to what many people…

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Should I Continue SEO Once I Get Rankings?

By iws2018 | Dec 4, 2015

To paraphrase our good friend G.I. Joe, getting traffic is only half the battle. The search engines are constantly making updates to their algorithms (the code they use to crawl and index websites) and it is important to stay on top of these to ensure your website remains in good standing. While most of the algorithm updates…

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