SEO Questions – Why Do I Need a New Web Design?

We often get the question “why do I need a new web design?” when we suggest a new web design or redesigned website in our marketing proposals.

The answer boils down to this: “presentation” and “conversion”.

With proper presentation and user experience we can can increase conversion. Just like everything else in the world, how things are presented to us greatly affects how we perceive them and whether we will choose to take part. For example, we are much less likely to taste something new if the presentation is not appealing to us. If the presentation is appealing to us we will be more likely to act on it, thus converting us from observers to tasters. No one will buy a car that is ugly no matter how awesome the gas milage or luxurious interior. Our first impression (or presentation) of a car is seeing it from outside. If it appeals to us we are more likely to take it for a test drive or convert from an observer to a test driver.

Our goal as online marketers is to get more people to convert from a user (a person using the website or app) to a client or customer. In that same manner, all the SEO and paid marketing in the world will not convert a user to a potential client/customer without a great presentation and user experience on the website. In fact, poor design will turn off users before they ever engage or consider converting. This is why a new or redesigned website is usually recommended with marketing.

As stated in a previous article, “getting traffic is only half the battle”. We need the user to easily convert by filling out the form or picking up the phone and calling. This is less likely when the website is cluttered, has an older design and layout, or the imagery and colors are offensive. We want to increase every opportunity of the users conversion and design is a big part of the picture. We must put our best foot forward being sure to place importance on what we say and how we say it.

Dos and Don’ts to Consider in Web Design and Marketing

Here are some important things you should be doing to your website:

  • Do – Invest in SEO and Marketing

    • Your marketing budget should be one of your biggest expenses and general rule of thumb is 20% of a new companies budget.
  • Do – Research the colors and emotions relationship

    • Colors emote, just make sure you are invoking the correct emotion. For example, red is not a good color for a “Buy Now” button. Research your colors/emotinos relationship and you will find out why.
  • Do – Invest in quality photography.

    • To be clear you may not require a photographer however make sure you images are of GREAT quality. Most camera phones have the capability it only requires proper staging and lighting. If in doubt, hire a pro, it will be money well spent.
  • Do – Design above the fold

    • “Above the fold” refers to the top half of a website visible on your screen. There are tons of debates about some of the gray areas on the matter however if you simply design the site with most important info at the top and the least important towards the bottom you will do well.

Here are some things to avoid on your website:

  • Don’t – Stop marketing when business slows

    • The most important thing you can do to grow your business in good economies or bad is to market your product or service. Do not stop your SEO or other marketing. Everyone else is doing the same thing and you will quickly out perform your competition if you simply stick with it. SEO and most other marketing is a slow process that takes time. If you stop too early or quit as soon as you see results you are wasting the money you already invested in it.
  • Don’t – Over design your website

    • We often get very creative clients that want to design the website to his or her artistic preferences. This is often done to the detriment of web best practices. There must be a mix of design and content that matches Internets Marketings best practices for results. For example, consider the red call to action mentioned above, it is not good for a reason and does not do well in converting users to clients.
  • Don’t – Try to outsmart search engines

    • There are a ton of hacks and tricks that may fool search engines to speed up your marketing, however do not try them. Even if you can find a hack or trick that actually works, it will only work for so long before you are caught. The consequences are severe and can all but eliminate any reference of you on the Internet. Do it right, follow the rules, and be patient.
  • Don’t – Expect overnight results in any marketing

    • There are a handful of marketing tools that are immediate though usually more expensive and less effective. For example, think TV commercials. However, consider SEO that delivers users to your website that are in the market for your product or service. These users are “prequalified” and are somewhere within the buying cycle by the time they get to your website. This is the gold mine you are working for in any marketing. Just keep in mind, quality results takes time. Ranking high with the search engines takes time and is not a sprint, but a marathon.

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