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For many New Orleans businesses, getting found online can be a real pain in the neck. There is a lot of competition from local and national competitors that are also looking to make a statement in the eyes of your potential customers. And while other marketing initiatives, such as SEO, are sustainable, long-term marketing strategies, they can take time, and time you may not have.

Pay-Per-Click advertising – or PPC – may be the answer you have been looking for. Also known as Search Engine Marketing gives website owners the opportunity to pick the keywords they want to target, write ads that are specific to their business and goals, and then drive potential customers to the exact web pages they want them to see. This means that you have a better chance of converting traffic into leads and customers with a much smaller investment.

Types of PPC Advertising

There are two main advertising platforms out there – Google and Bing – and both of them provide a great opportunity to reach your potential audience. Depending on the type of business you own, the type of customer you are trying to reach, and your marketing goals, you will want to use one, some, or all of the following ad types.

Search Ads

These are the most common type of ad and the ones you see when you do a traditional Google search. Also known as text ads, they allow businesses to target specific areas and keywords with ad text designed to drive potential customers to their landing pages.

Display Ads

These ads are usually more visual (though text ads are used as well), and use images to draw peoples’ attention on content pages through what is known as the display network (a group of blogs and websites where ads can show). Display ads are a great way to get your brand out there as well as offers.

Video Ads

Is your business highly visual? Video ads can be used like mini-commercials on YouTube and even on the display network to really get your message across.

Social Media Marketing

All the major social media networks offer advertising that can be a great way to reach a broader audience. They allow you to target by demographics, interests, and content to really get targeted with your advertising.

At Integrity Web Studios, we want to be your New Orleans PPC agency! Our team of marketing specialists will work with you to determine who your customer is and what we need to do to get your message across to them. To learn more about our New Orleans PPC services, fill out our request a call form or call us today at 504-517-0300.


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