Learning WordPress For Businesses – What is a Theme?

Today in our “Learning WordPress for Businesses” video tutorial we learned “what is a theme”? A WordPress theme is essentially a template or style package that defines how your website looks and functions. We will discuss what they are, where to find them (free themes) and how to implement them. Let’s get started.

Once logged into the backend of our website we navigated to the appearance > theme section where we activated and previewed the WordPress core installed themes. We talked about how there are literally tens of thousands of themes and many if not most are free themes. For our purposes of “Learning WordPress for Business”, I advised staying away from free themes in general.

Free themes often have an upsell for better tools and easier building, however, I prefer to have a complete theme in hand from the beginning as opposed to playing the upsell game which is usually not as good as a quality premium theme anyway. Watch the video for the demonstration and explanation and please be sure to comment with any questions. If you find these tutorials helpful, please like, share and subscribe!