Learning WordPress For Businesses – Manually Installing WordPress

In this tutorial, “Manually Installing WordPress” we take an in-depth look at how and where to upload files for you new WordPress for Business website. To begin, we start by logging into your CPanel. We can do this by either logging into your hosting company and navigating to your CPanel or we can type in YourDomain.com/cpanel. In either case, once you are inside of Cpanel we need to navigate to file manager > public_html.

Once inside of the public_html folder we can now upload our WordPress file stack. Before we can do that we need to go download the WordPress file stack from WordPress.org. Not to be confused with WordPress.com. Once on WordPress.org click the blue button in the top right “Download WordPress”. You will download a zip file named woordpress-version-number.zip. We can now upload that zip file directly to the public_html folder and unzip it (see the video for how-to).

Our next steps involve renaming the config file by simply removing the “-sample” from the end of the file name. Once it is renamed to wp-config.php we can then edit the file to add our database info.

To learn how to set up your database, add the info to the config file and complete the manually installing WordPress tutorial please watch the video below. If you have any questions please comment below and I will jump in and answer those. Please like, subscribe and share!