Learning WordPress for Businesses – How and Where to Buy a Theme

We continue our Learning WordPress for Businesses video tutorials with a walk through of how and where to buy a theme. We start by visiting my preferred theme store for WordPress themes, themeforest.net. This is where most of the themes that we use come from but is by no means the only place that sells themes. One of the reasons I enjoy this store is that it has a rating system that allows you to see the overall satisfaction with the theme or plugin you are purchasing but also because there is a commenting section that allows buyers to ask questions.

You can get a good pulse on the quality of the theme or plugin by the comments left in this section. If you read through and see that the developer responds in a timely manner to questions and issues, that is a good sign. Also, are the issues being resolved, look for thank you comments to decide. Another factor is if you see a lot of negative comments or “rude” comments. We all know about Internet trolls who try to be mean but if you see several different negative or rude comments, it is likely that the buyers are simply frustrated with the developer for not being able to (or willing to) fix an issue.

It is perfectly normal to see a lot of different issues and bugs about a plugin or theme, the million dollar question is, are they being fixed? With so many different hosting companies, servers, plugins, and users (ranging from pros to beginners) it is very common to see issues. Many issues are simple user issues but many are legitimate issues that require input from the developer. The point is this . . . if you are looking at the sales, taking into account the comments and star rating of a theme or plugin you will get a good idea as to whether or not the developer is a quality developer working to make customers happy. My suggestion is to pass it by if you see too many clues of unsatisfied customers. No matter how much you love the theme, move on to another.

Once you find the perfect solution for your business website, simply purchase it and download the zip file with the contents. We will discuss how to upload and install to your website on our next tutorial.

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