Learning WordPress for Business – Why?

This video discusses our motivation for doing the “Learning WordPress for Business” video series and why you should learn WordPress. In short, we do it because were are a small business and understand what it takes to succeed in business . . . more business. By learning WordPress you are freeing yourself from the complexity and expense of a design agency like IWS. We get many calls every week from companies that simply cannot afford our services. This is our way of helping. The reason we love WordPress for businesses is that it is an “open source” of free to use a framework that virtually eliminates the need of coding to set up, design and maintain your own website. Using DIY sites like WIX or other builders is limited and will trap you with their system. Why build your marketing inside a box when you can build it and own it outright forever? Keep in mind, you cannot keep your website if you stop using WIX or similar DIY builder and you would be forced to start over if you stop paying.