Hiring a Local Web Designer & Developer in New Orleans & Metairie

So, you had the idea of hiring an overseas web designer (or out of state company) to do your website. Are you sure you want to outsource such an integral part of your business' marketing to a person/company you do not have access to?

I will be the first to say that outsourcing website work “can” be a good idea “if” you know what you are doing and you have a relationship with the developers. With that said, sending your website development to an overseas or out of state company when there are plenty of talented Metairie and New Orleans based web design companies may not be your best move.

Here are a few reasons to keep your web design project local.

Why Local?

To begin with, you are sending your dollars out of the state or country! With all the turmoil and terrorism in the US today it may not be a bad idea to keep your dollars here in the states. Hiring local keeps your hard-earned money in your own community. New Orleans is a close community that is home to thousands of small businesses and has more than enough web design and development companies to suit your needs.

Still not convinced? I get it, it boils down to costs and affordability, right? I hear it from clients (after they drop their overseas development company) that the idea of saving money on a business need was just too alluring to pass up. The problem with overseas outsourcing is primarily communication!

New Orleans Web Developers Can talk the Talk

So let's say you get hooked up with an honest web designer or developer overseas. You now need to define the scope of work you want for your new website. Unfortunately, many overseas designers don't speak English other than code talk.

Additionally, did you know that all major coding languages (including the ones used to develop websites) are based on the English language? Just a little food for thought. Which poses the question . . . why? Think about it.

Now back to the main point: communicating with an overseas development community is more difficult if you are not in the know with web coding.

I get people in my office needing help to complete or finish a website developed overseas. Due to the poor scope of work definition at the beginning of the project, the customer is upset with the poor quality or lack of use while the overseas developer is holding the website hostage awaiting their "fair payment" for worked performed as described.

It boils down to this simple fact: you need to be able to communicate clearly what you want from your website and how you want it to look in explicit detail. The language barrier is a problem in and of itself, add in trying to answer technical questions to guide the developer and you have a nightmare on your hands!
When you hire a local design firm like Integrity Web Studios, you can visit the office at any time to discuss your goals and ideas in simple, non-tech English (as long as you do not count the New Orleans/down south drawl against me). We can sit with you, take your business goals and design ideas for the task, and develop a website that you will be proud of.

What About Out of State?

There are a lot of companies all over our great nation that can develop websites. A quality website will cost nearly the same as any quality company. So why would an out of state company be so much cheaper? Is the cost of living really that much cheaper in Florida, New York or California?

The answer is no. They are not cheaper or less expensive to make. It is because these companies are either selling you a cheap, low-quality website or that it is not an American company at all. If you cannot physically meet your web designer/developer, you are at a disadvantage. Out of state companies service out of their own state for a reason. What happens if your project is incorrect, missing functionality, or not finished? Sending nasty
emails or calling and leaving messages can be dismissed as easily as spam.

Now consider the same questions with a local company that has a physical office in your area. You can show up and speak to real people about your problem to get real solutions. Face-to-face business not only protects you, it makes your website that much more manageable and affordable in the long run.

What Have We Learned?

Overseas outsourcing for your website may seem like a good idea, but in most cases, the customers are disappointed when compared to hiring a local web design company. It is also not the substantial savings that most business owners are expecting (especially if they have to pay fix/edit the site from another company). Out of state web design companies are notorious for poor quality and, even worse, service due to lack of communication and enforceable options as opposed to a local company with a local office and local employees.

Did I say locally?

How to Hire a Local Web Design Company

Do yourself a favor, hire a web design company in the Metairie or New Orleans area that offers a physical office, real business hours and focuses on customer service. Check reviews, meet with the company and speak with the designers and developers (not just the salesperson). If you cannot have access to the designer or developer that will be working on your website, this is
usually bad for clients and good for the company. Though, not a deal breaker, realize you will now be dealing with a client funnel that slows communication and in effect, your progress.

Once you meet with the company, you will want to work out pricing and the development schedule for your website so there is no question as to how much the website will cost and when it will be completed.

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