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How does a local web design company help you make an impact?

In order to stand out from your competitors, you need to have a strong brand identity, a powerful message and a website that makes an impact.

It starts by having a clear understanding of your business needs, your company goals, and most important, your users, clients, and customers. Web design and web development come cheap these days. You can go to a D.I.Y. company like Wix and do that for yourself for almost nothing.

But why then, are web design agencies in New Orleans like Integrity Web Studios thriving?

Most people know that web design and development can be bought at a cheap price but many more understand that it takes a lot more than a pretty website to deliver a return on your investment.

In other words, a pretty website alone will not bring paying customers into your business.

Your website must be able to perform for you. Your website should not only educate and inform potential customers and clients about your company, products and/or services but it should compel them to take an action.

Marketing In New Orleans

Living in such a diversified community your customers and clients are literally from all walks of life. So how then do you attract them? With compelling copy, understanding where your perfect customer is in the buying cycle and most importantly, by building relationships. Can a website do all of that? Yes! Your website can compel action, nurture relationships and lead customers straight to your door [when done correctly].

Integrity Web Studios is your answer.

We are a New Orleans Web Design agency focused on providing our clients with beautifully designed, user-friendly websites that help grow your business.


Quality websites must be designed for mobile, branded, beautiful, and SEO friendly.

Whether you are a New Orleans entrepreneur, a church in Metairie, or build homes on The West Bank, there are a few basic things your website needs to perform well and help you meet your goals.

Responsive Design –
Today most people are using their mobile devices to search and visit websites (over 52%). If your site does not look good across all device types especially on mobile, you are going to lose out. Integrity Web Studios utilizes responsive design features that make sure your website looks great no matter how people are viewing it.

User-Friendly Design –
People don’t want a lot of bells and whistles. They want a website that provides them with the information they need and makes it as easy as possible to access it. Our website designs are focused on user interaction to help ensure you get the most out of your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization –
You can have the best website in New Orleans (or even the world), but if people can’t find it, it is not going to benefit you. We focus on website designs that are SEO-friendly. We make it easy for the Search Engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) to find and crawl your website so you can rank well and get more traffic.

We want to be your New Orleans web design agency!

We work with you throughout the design process to help ensure your website exceeds all of your expectations and more importantly, delivers results. To learn more about our website design services, please fill out our contact form or call us today at 504-517-0300.


Hear about 3 local businesses that were changed forever because of their website and marketing.


Growing your business or starting your online business is almost always wrapped around an underlying goal, empowering yourself to spend more time doing what you love with whom you like. That looks different for every person but never forget what you accomplish when you can launch or grow your business successfully—FREEDOM.

"I was able to work from home for over a year to breastfeed my baby and just be the mom I wanted to be."


We were approached by a New Orleans based cleaning company looking to grow their business. They were already profitable when they approached us but were not satisfied with where they were. The owner knew she had potential as the industry is a strong one and she knew she had only begun to scratch the surface of what was possible. We went to work.


After a few rounds of discovery and learning about the industry, the cleaning company, and their clients we devised a strategy to push growth to the max. Because our approach was so aggressive, we suggested to the owner that she start hiring more help immediately. She confided in us and began procuring a team; she didn't yet have work to provide for. The pressure was on.

We designed her website to funnel users into commercial or residential quote forms. We initially offered the price in real time on the web quote form but we were not doing as well as we projected. We then went back to the analytics and began studying the results. We had engagement, lots of it, but only a small fraction was converting to paying clients. We initiated one small change, we removed the automated (instant pricing) and relayed pricing through emails with a time delay of one hour. With this one change, we went from an 8% conversion to over 23% conversion rate. Wow. . .


With her new website, the company was now growing, aggressively. Within six months of launching the new website and marketing, the owner gave birth to her second baby boy. Now empowered with an online business model to not only fuel her growth but also attract new employees, she was able to take the next year and work from home to breastfeed and be the mom she wanted to be. After all, that is why we start our own companies right, so we can do the things we want to do.

We are pleased to announce that she ran her company from home for several years while raising her two boys. The boys are doing great, and her business is stronger than ever.


Were you inspired by the overnight success experienced by this local company? If not then perhaps the numbers will encourage you to take the next step in your business. The company was generating about $27k per year when we began working with them and within the first 11 months of the new website and marketing, this local cleaning company was grossing $153k, that is a 600% increase in less than one year. The total investment for the website design and marketing for the entire year was less than $15k. The company is now grossing well over $250k as of Q1 of 2018. 

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"It is like finding money on the ground as you walk through the park!"


This story begins with a well-established niche maritime service company. This company is a local client in a very niche industry that services the maritime industry throughout the Gulf South. They knew they needed a fresh website to encourage new business and more importantly new employees. This is when they approached us.


After our discovery sessions with the company, we learned that they are actually one of the few companies in the world that educate and train for this maritime niche in a classroom setting. This was done mostly for in-house training but often took students from the bigger companies. It was our suggestion that since they were already doing the work we could build in a few tools to allow for online registration to their classes. They agreed and we added it to our tasks.


We designed and launched their new website. The new website offered an online employment application that was delivered digitally to the HR department head for initial review. Within a month the company was getting dozens of new employee applications. Mission accomplished!


It gets better. Several months after launch, we got a call informing us that their classes were blowing up. They now had companies registering weekly to send their employees for continuing education or specialized training. These were classes that they were already teaching the only difference is that now the class is full. The earnings from the classes alone increased by $78k. Not bad considering they were not even considering offering an online class registration.

"It is like finding money!" ~ Owner


For the number crunchers out there, the companies investment for the design and development of the new website was less than $7k and by chance one small suggestion from our team was able to bring in an extra $80k+. 

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"I wasn't going back, I knew I had everything I needed to grow my company."


This case study is about a local roofing and general contractor in New Orleans. We were first contracted to create a website for the newly formed company. Though the company name was fresh, the owner has been a contractor his entire life.


Growing up in his father's roofing company he learned hands-on, how to not only do construction but also to run a company. Shortly after he finished school for drafting and general contracting his father passed away unexpectedly. Heartbroken and still in shock he went to work for his brother's construction company. Within the first year of working for his brother's company, there were two things apparent:

1) he was by far the top performer the company had

2) he was not happy working for someone else


With the full consent and blessing from his current employer/brother, he started his own contracting company to begin working on smaller jobs part-time.


After our discovery sessions with the owner, we had a clear understanding that what he really needed was an intense lead generation strategy for the website design not just for roofing but general contracting work also. We went to work.


Three weeks after the website went live we received a call from the owner informing us that he signed a $58k home addition contract that came from his website. His plan was to use vacation time to complete the new contract and return to work in a few weeks. He never returned to his brother's company.


While finishing the first big project, he was able to land several smaller jobs. While in the final stages of the large project he landed another even larger project valued at $79k. He knew at that moment he was not returning to work for his brother.

"I wasn't going back, I knew I had everything I needed to grow my company." ~ Owner


The total investment for the design and marketing the first year was $17k and by the end of the year, this local New Orleans roofing contractor had earned over $400k. He now works full time for his own company.

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A Website Without Strategy Is Wasting Your Money


  • Discovery

Before we begin designing your website we must learn about your target audience and your goals. This is done through extensive Q/A sessions and research. Only then do we move to the next step.

  • Strategy

Once the customer avatar is defined we then build your custom strategy that guides your potential customers (users) to take an action goals/needs.

  • Content

Content is king when it comes to effective website design. This is why our professional team of copywriters is a strategic part of your success. Informing a user for what to do is not good enough, we must compel them to take a strategic action. This is done through well crafted copywriting. Marketing a website is psychological and the language we use is key.

  • Communication

Communication is key in any relationship. This is why as a client of IWS we have weekly running meetings to communicate the status of your project and get feedback from clients. This is the secret sauce that keeps our projects on time, under budget and always approved by our clients.

  • Go Live

Once the website is complete and we go live (or launch) the website we begin daily reviews of the new website to ensure a flawless transition and implementation.

  • Market

Here is where the marketing phase is implemented. We begin actively marketing your website to get you more qualified leads, clients, and customers. Most of our clients' websites pay for themselves within one year of the marketing launch.



We build websites and marketing that grows your business by studying your company, your product and/or service, your customers, and your brand. It takes a lot more than just good design to get users to take an action. This is a key step that most companies fail to do properly if at all. It is imperative that a qualified lead, customer or user is compelled to take a very specific action based on your companies needs and goals.


Understanding your customers determines how we choose to communicate with them on your website as well as which action would be most effective for your company goals. Simply pushing all users to a "Buy Now" or "Contact Us" action is the quickest way to turn your qualified leads and users away.


This is not a Jedi mind trick but rather well-founded science about the psychology behind effective website marketing or online marketing. We know things like color, language, and strategy drive users to take action but also considering such factors as technology, what stage of the buying cycle they are in when they arrive on your website and what the users' true needs goals are.



The 1st listing on a Google search results page gets 33% of all the clicks.
33% of product or service searches begin on a branded website.
88% of businesses searched on mobile devices are called or visited within 24 hours.


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Here are some of areas of expertise.


We are here to answer questions about your website and online marketing. 



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