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We work hard to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied about their new website but that they understand it. We go that extra mile to educate our clients on their new website in everyday plain English. This ensures that the client is able to make detailed decisions on what they want and how they want it.


We do not consider ourselves “creative” as much as just really weird people, who have ideas that seem to come together in the most unique and unusual artistic ways. Normal folk call us creative . . . we call ourselves weirdos.


Your timeline is important to us. We understand that the client needs things to happen in perfect time. We make every attempt to make this happen for you. Our web design projects are offered with a clear timeline. We are not miracle workers but we can work with you to meet most needs and timelines.


We believe that every company needs a web presence. We also believe that you should not have to pay $5, $10 or $20k for a website. The truth is that the average business owner or start-up company does not need (nor care about) the worlds most beautiful UI/UX, original handcrafted fonts, or the artistic designers building it. The average business owner needs a web presence to educate about their products or services. We deliver very high-end websites for very modest budgets. Take a look for yourself at our recent works, you can have the best of both worlds. Whether you are selling something online or you need a basic one page website, we can help you.


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Our Team

Iris Huertas

Iris Huertas

SEO Guru

A career in “Internet Marketing and Web Solutions" is a dream come true! Working now, is more like a hobby!

Shane Roberson

Shane Roberson

Web Developer/Owner

Hi there, my name is Shane (my compadres call me BigShane) and I consider myself an aggressive entrepreneur and web developer. I have been in the business of Internet Marketing for the last ten years. Though my beginnings were humble I essentially taught myself HTML (the base mark up language for most websites) shortly after I learned to type at a heart stopping pace of about 20 WPM. Fast forward many years later and I am running my own design and development company.

Bonnie Ott

Bonnie Ott


Its a big world out there, I am just trying to capture it on film! My goal is to capture memories and create art.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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Clean Code

Clean Code

At Integrity Web Studios we focus on the details that make up a great website. This is why we use Wordpress as our base framework for our websites. With code that is elegant as poetry on the inside, it is of no surprise that it creates a beautiful ballet of functionality and design on the outside. "Code is Poetry" ~ Wordpress.org



In every great dance there are two equally beautiful entities at play. Websites are the result of a choreographed dance between the code and the design. The art of design comes when the designer can think as coder and fluently communicate the exact details of artistic nature into a digital tongue that is rendered by all browsers. Beautiful websites are no accident.



The best leaders must sometimes be students. It is with this that Integrity Web Studios offers consulting for most of your Internet Marketing needs. Whether you are searching for some basic info on how search engines work or you need to learn how to use your own website, we have many of the answers you seek. Whether for you or your entire staff, we can help.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

We understand that sometimes you simply need things done ASAP. With this in mind we do have options available for just such occasions. We have website solutions that can have you from concept to live site within 1 week. Contact us with your needs so we can discuss the perfect timely solution that best fits your needs.

Latest Articles From the Blog


Why WordPress? (An explanation of why WordPress is an awesome website platform.)

First and foremost I would think it would be wise if I explain what WordPress is, just in case you do not know. No biggie, WordPress is simply an open source framework for websites. Open source simply means it is free and has no fees for its licensee of use. This is great because now people all over the world are encouraged to develop for it. Because so many people do use WordPress worldwide we have an abundance of amazing themes and plug-ins to help sculpt the perfect website.

Plug-ins are small modules of code that are easily integrated into a website that add various functionality or styles. An example could be a contact form, or a special type of photo gallery. More complex and specialized plug-ins can add a certain style of button or a perhaps a reservation booking system. The one thing you need to understand is that literally any need you may have for a website, there are dozens of plug-ins available to achieve that function or style. This is the true beauty of WordPress.

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The Top 5 Mistakes of Email Marketing

By BigShane

My last article was about the basics of email marketing and how to get a campaign off the ground. This time I want to take a quick look at some very common mistakes that companies make in their email marketing campaigns.

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Email Marketing 101

It is likely that most of you reading this have some experience with email marketing. We have all seen it on the user/consumer side and some of us have experienced it on the marketing side. After reading a great article about email marketing called “The Go-to Guide to Creating Email Newsletters People Actually Read” by Ginny Soskey over at HubSpot, I thought I would simplify email marketing for the average small business owner. I will not go in to details about what email marketing is because as mentioned we have all experienced it at one point or another. What I will talk about is the fact that YES, you need it and then how to get it going.

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Facebook Marketing 101

Everyone knows that social media marketing is a powerful and effective tool for promoting your product or service. Everyone also knows you can make a strong presence for free. The problem however, is no one fully understands how to do it or how much it can actually help their product or service. When I question my clients about social media marketing the most common response is “I know I need it and I have been wanting to to it for a while but . . .”

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How Colors Affect Purchases

It is not a foreign idea that colors influence our opinions, moods, and tastebuds. Then it would not be a terrible leap to state the fact that colors affect purchases, the purchases we make every single day are in some way influenced by color. Certain colors are used for very specific tasks and you can learn more about that in the infographic below. However with even the smallest care taken to design of your website, printed media and of course packaging, you cannot help but think more strategically when you sit down for your next design.

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Mobile Web (Responsive vs Mobilized & What The Hell Is The Difference)

I was looking for a reasonable explanation of the differences between a “Mobilized Website” and “Responsive Website” to help quickly educate some of my local New Orleans clients. After coming up short on a quick quality explanation I figured I would attempt to fill the void myself. This is the basic must know info on catering to the rising mobile web demand.

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The Power Of The Consult

When it comes to web design and marketing there are a ton of resources out there. Many of the resources are spot on however, many of them . . . not so much. So how does the average Joe running a company know where to start when they are ready for a web presence. The good news is that all the best info is on the Internet free for the taking. The bad news, is that it takes a quality amount of time to mine these nuggets of web marketing gold.

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